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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, and although I doubt anyone but my parents or Tom will be reading, I will go ahead and write this as though I require some sort of introduction.
My name is Megan, but most of my friends call me Meg.  I am a Southern transplant living in the city of Chicago with my hubby Tom and my baby boy, Finley.   I consider myself a lucky gal to be able to explore this amazing city with my amazing family! Besides meeting incredible people along the way, we were thrilled to have a few of our fellow Noles move up here and join us!

I work as a Technical Consultant for a software company and also turned my love of green beauty into a small business when I became a Beauty Counter Consultant.  If you are interested in any products or joining my team, send me an email at megan.omera@gmail.com or shop my site! 
Full disclosure: I am also living with an autoimmune thyroid disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  I manage it pretty well through nutrition, medicine, and stress relief.   As it takes up a great deal of my life, expect it to show up on this blog from time to time.
I am hoping this little adventure helps me accomplish a couple of things:
1.  That by maintaining and shaping this blog, I will sharpen my technical (and eventually) photography skills.  Working for a tech company definitely inspired me to finally get this thing going.  I want to play!
2. Capture some of the random “stuff” that makes up a life.  What's blogging if not an interactive journal?  Years from now I hope to be able to look back on fun times with friends & family, travels, favorite recipes,  health & fitness progress, fashion & decor, and other random tidbits.   You know, the usual. 
It feels odd to put myself out there, but what the hell, why not? 
Thanks for checking it out!

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