Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween is a funny "holiday". Part of me loves the chance to act like a kid by dressing up in something silly or sweet or sexy (pick your flavor).  The other extreme perfectionist side of me gets anxiety thinking through all of the costume options and how I'm going to be able to source, afford, and create a memorable costume!   It's like Pinterest guilt on acid. All of these DIY costume ideas somehow leave me feeling like I'm missing a crucial creativity gene.

Usually it's out of my hands. My job requires extremely long hours and travel during the Fall, and I've found myself unable to truly participate due to being out of town.  I always regret not being able to go out to celebrate with friends because it looks like so much fun!  Plus I have some amazing memories of Halloweens in the not so distant past that were an absolute blast!   Including playing soccer with my rec crew in full costumes  (we won 10-2 which is pretty surprising considering we took pics every chance we could get)...

...and that time we actually put in effort to create interesting costumes on the cheap:  Tom went as Allan from The Hangover and I went as a one night stand...get it?

Well this year it worked out!  Our friend Jason threw his annual massive 300+ person Halloween party at a local bar called Racine Plumbing.   It also coincided with my best friend Nikkis's birthday.  I was technically still in California on Saturday but landed just in time to clean up and make it.

Not knowing for sure whether we'd actually show up (you just never know 'bout those travel delays!), I put aside any dream of coming up with something amazing. I just wanted it to be inexpensive and fit because I ordered it online and had no time for returns.  Tom just wanted to avoid looking too silly.  We both just wanted a fun night out with friends.  I found a pair of Roman outfits and it fit the bill on all accounts!  I won't win any awards but at least we dressed up! I think Tom looks pretty cute.  He already has that "Caesar" haircut thing going ;)

It was such a great night!  Working 15 plus hour days with time changes etc, I assumed we'd show up in time to give hugs and grab grab a drink before bailing  But we got a second wind and danced the night away.  It was so nice to actually celebrate Nikkis birthday with her for the first time in a few years.   Plus I got to see April and Nikkis amazing costumes in person.  

April is our resident hot Asian so it seems appropriate that she come as a bottle of Sriracha.  What's impressive about this - besides the fact that I never knew Sriracha could actually look as hot as it tastes - is how she made it.  I don't have a good pic but she actually hand painted the label onto the dress and included nutrition facts on the back.  Calem had a great costume as well.  He came as Michael J Fox in Back to the future complete with a hover board!

Nikki came in her "birthday suit"!  I would expect nothing less.  She got a spandex body suit from American Apparel and added a ton of strategically placed stickers.  Black "ban" bars across her chest and nether regions completed the look. She looked fabulous!  Jon and his crew came as the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with him as "Grandpa Joe".  He stayed in character all night which was hilarious.  

Though if I had to pick, my favorite costumes might have been the group of girls who came as "Sharknado". Genius 

Enough babbling!  Here are pics!

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