Sunday, June 14, 2015

A New Addition!

I can't believe how long it took me to get through all of the Italy posts!  I have to say that it has been so fun reliving the trip, especially when I step back and realize how much our lives have changed since September....

In that time, we've moved, I've gotten a promotion, and we have had had several other trips: NYC, Vegas, Massachusetts, Florida, and finally...Costa Rica for a BABYMOON!   Yep, I'm pregnant! Today marks my 24th week and I cannot believe we are in our 6th month!  We are beyond thrilled and are excitedly prepping as much as we can for the arrival of our baby boy sometime around October.

We first found out that I was expecting during a January business turned personal trip in NYC. Funnily enough, I had been going through expensive pregnancy tests like water so we both decided to cut me off when I left.  I took one last test on Wednesday which was negative and set off, bummed because I was sure that we had missed the boat that month.  

Tom flew out that Friday to join me and brought the tests with him. We went out for an amazing night and later back at the hotel, I impulsively took another one for giggles (at that time, if I saw a test, I HAD to take it...hence the "cut her off" mentality - those things add up!). In seconds it turned bright pink and I started screaming!  Tom was cool and calm like he expected it to turn positive, yet he couldn't quite believe it.  He insisted we wait until the morning and do another test "just to be sure". I feel so blessed that we were able to get pregnant because with my health background, I assumed it was going to be a long road for us.  Based on how obsessive I was getting, I was relieved that we were fortunate in that area and that for once my body was cooperating with me...and I don't feel that way often!

I know that it's suggested to wait around 2-3 months before telling friends and family, but as Tom's sister, Kris had literally JUST gotten engaged the weekend before, we knew we should tell a handful of people early.  We felt that had it been us, we would want to be told well before the planning process got too far along.  I will admit that It wasn't ideal telling everyone on the phone, but it would be months before we saw our families in person.  It was still really fun calling them all the next morning and sharing the news!  Needless to say, both sides were thrilled!

To make this all even more exciting, Tom's brother is also expecting a baby boy in July!  We are so stoked that those boys will be just a couple of months apart - I hope they become best buddies! It's definitely going to be a crazy year for the O'Mera's with 2 babies and a wedding.  Testosterone is running rampant these days - we also have 5 Godsons!

Later, we were able to tell Gram & Gramp plus Peachie (our Aunt) and this time we did it in person.
We took the same image from our Christmas Card and mocked up a wine bottle label to announce the new arrival in October.  We have a habit of bringing over a bottle of wine or two when going there so figured this would be a fun way to tell them in person.  Their reactions were priceless and there were definitely happy tears!  It was such a cool feeling to share the most exciting news of our lives and definitely started to make this all feel more "real" (sorry for the poor resolution below).

I have been taking some notes on what this pregnancy has been like for me because it's been a blur. I'm sure I will want to look back and remember both the good and the bad - esp when we try for another.  I'll break those up into a few posts while I count down the weeks.

Just wanted to announce the news here!  We cannot wait to meet the little man!


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