Thursday, December 12, 2013

Living Room Refresh

The rug and end tables came in that I referenced in our Thanksgiving post, so I thought I'd include a few pics!  

We adore the Moroccan rug. It's incredibly soft and we love how it along with the white end table (thanks mom and dad!) really brighten up the space.  There was a lot of BROWN going on before and this breaks it up nicely.   Tom hated our old end tables and we've been looking for new ones for some time.  We are also really happy with the rustic feel of the other one. You can't see it, but it's similar to our dining table which we keep in the "sunroom" (using that term loosely these days).

Our other rug was great - it was jute - but it was kind of blah in this room paired with dark floors, bamboo blinds and our brown couch (there is also brown tile around the fire place). At the time, it was the only thing we could afford so we went with it.

It's taken 3.5 years but our living room is almost there.  At some point I hope to reupholster my grandmother's chairs (perhaps a blue?).  It can be tempting to completely furnish your room in one go of it, but I think I prefer to slowly find pieces we love (and waiting for massive sales!) and building it out that way. Which is surprising because it's completely at odds with my impatient personality!  Our wallets thank me though :)

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