Monday, February 10, 2014

What I'm Loving Lately: Green Beauty - La Bella Figura

UPDATE 2/13/2016: 
Since writing this post, cleaning up my beauty regime really became a priority when I discovered I was pregnant and that eventually lead me to become a Beauty Counter Consultant!  This line of products is quickly gaining in popularity especially after being featured by Lauren Conrad and on Goop in recent months.  I adore their products and what they stand for and was so pleased to see how well they compared with non-eco brand offerings.   In addition to their makeup and their skin care and makeup line, they also have products for the whole family!

If you are interested in trying Beauty Counter or even becoming a consultant yourself, please shoot me an email at and be sure to check out my Beauty Counter store  

As promised, here are some of my absolute favorite skin care products.  I couldn't decide how I wanted to group them, so figured going brand by brand might be best.

Up first: La Bella Figura!

I'm officially obsessed.  La Bella Figura (LBF) is based in Chicago and I have been smitten with everything I have tried.  They are committed to searching the world for the next big breakthrough in natural ingredients which they then incorporate into their formulas.  Everything is organic and GMO free.  Read more about them here.  If you are patient, you can oftentimes score a 15% off deal from them and that is usually when I strike :)  

The power player is the Modern Radiance Concentrate Gel which derives it's main ingredient from the Kakadu Plum - the highest source of vitamin C you can find in nature.  It smells fresh and a little goes a long way (I've been sticking to once a day per their recommendation). Because it is very high in antioxidants, it's best to apply during the day.   I have been relying on this to help fight the dark spots that remain after a bad pimple rears it's ugly head.  I have the unfortunate luck of being someone who sometimes looks worse after a zit goes away and this has really helped to lighten them. I swear my face looks brighter since using it.  I'm still working on the whole "radiance" thing but hopefully this will get me there ;)  If you aren't ready to spend that much money trying out Vitamin C, another alternative might be Mad Hippie's Vitamin C Serum.  I haven't personally used it, but have heard really good things.  

Their Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum  is amazing. I am still on my first bottle, but was able to score a buy 1- get 1 free deal over Black Friday.  That was a smart move considering that I apply it religiously every day and night. It's extremely travel friendly (about the size of a tube of lipstick) and I  love the roller ball application. It contains Barbary Fig Seed oil known for its high abundance of Vitamin E, Rosehip Seed Oil which contains Vitamin A (a natural retinol), and coffee bean which fights under eye circles.  There's a lot more to it, but in a nutshell, I love it.

Last but not least, I've been loving their Barbary Fig Seed Oil.  Believe it or not, it contains more Vitamin E than Argon Oil which seems to be everywhere these days. I love it for it's simplicity. It makes my skin feel soft and if I feel like my skin just needs a break from trying out too many ingredients, I still turn to this.  I do have to point out that the cactus plant's smell is a bit off-putting at first.  The good thing about green beauty is that there are no questionable fragrances added, however, sometimes that means products will smell a bit different than what you are used to! Now I've gotten to the point where I think it smells a bit like burnt sugar. Go figure.

Well, I thought I was going to cram all of my favorite skin stuff into one post, but that's just silly.  I will be back with another brand I am equally in love with next!


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