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What I'm Loving Lately: Green Beauty - May Lindstrom

UPDATE 2/13/2016: 
Since writing this post, cleaning up my beauty regime really became a priority when I discovered I was pregnant and that eventually lead me to become a Beauty Counter Consultant!  This line of products is quickly gaining in popularity especially after being featured by Lauren Conrad and on Goop in recent months.  I adore their products and what they stand for and was so pleased to see how well they compared with non-eco brand offerings.   In addition to their makeup and their skin care and makeup line, they also have products for the whole family!

If you are interested in trying Beauty Counter or even becoming a consultant yourself, please shoot me an email at and be sure to check out my Beauty Counter store  

Now, that I'm finally done with training, I am hoping I can get back to the life-updates posts!  They are, after all, kind of the point of keeping a blog.  Maybe I'll be able to make this a regular thing.  Fingers crossed...

On to my next favorite Green Beauty Brand:  May Lindstrom!

Like La Bella Figura's products, there doesn't seem to be a bad egg in her entire line.  Over the course of the last year or so, I've tried several and have fallen in love with every single one.  I'm highlighting my three favorites below but rest assured, everything in her line is fabulous. The 3 products I'm pointing out are the ones that I consider "can't be withouts" as I try to keep them in stock at all time.  And can we just take a moment to admire her beautiful packaging?  I love that it's made out of a deep violet Miron Glass to protect the active ingredients.  Plus, they just look so pretty!

The Clean Dirt is a great exfoliating cleanser.  I tend to use this a few times a week rather than daily but I never feel that it is too harsh.  It contains Moroccan clays, salts, cinnamon and turmeric in addition to water-activated Vitamin-C.  It's tricky to use at first - you pour maybe a teaspoon or so into your palm and slowly add water until you can form a paste.   I use my Clarisonic with it as well, which may be overdoing it, but I'm always pleased with how smooth my face feels and looks after.  Be warned, they don't call it " the dirt"  for nothing.  I stick to using this in the shower as it can be a bit messy!  A little goes a long way and  I have been impressed with how long the bottle lasts. I have yet to replace it (although I do have a back-up at the ready). One of my favorites ways of using this is adding a bit of Manuka Honey (or any raw honey) to the mixture. I recommend saving a jar of honey and using it exclusively for beauty product applications (hopefully this goes without saying, but it would be unsanitary to use one jar for both eating and face products).

The Problem Solver is like the Clean Dirt on acid.   It's a souped up "dirt" that you use once a week as a mask. In addition to the ingredients like Vitamin C and the clays that you find in the cleanser, it contains cayenne pepper, frankincense, and charcoal (among many other ingredients) to draw out impurities.  You definitely feel it working.  I have a small bowl and brush that I use to whip up this mask and it makes it feel a bit more like a beauty ritual. I love throwing it on during a lazy Sunday.

Finally, my new favorite, The Honey Mud is a dessert like cleanser that smells like chocolate pudding. Seriously. It actually looks more like a chocolate mousse dessert than a face wash. It contains Honey which promotes healing and which some say is a natural antibiotic, Colloidal Silver which is anti-fungal and antibacterial, and more of those fabulous clays.  In addition, it also contains myrr, cocoa, and witch hazel which are great for hormonal skin.  I wish I could use this everyday, but the price warrants saving this for once a day or so.  I was lucky enough to be able to try this before it hit the public and immediately purchased the full-size jar.  I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin since using this. It is such a unique product and one really worth trying.

I also cannot say enough good things about May Lindstrom herself!  She very sweetly responds to most any email and is full of great beauty advice. Plus, she is her own best advertisement - she's gorgeous!

I recommend purchasing the products directly from her website (I adore the way she boxes and wraps them - it feels like Christmas when they arrive) or from my favorite online beauty store, Spirit Beauty Lounge It was started by another beautiful women, named Spirit, hence it's name. This is my new go-to for beauty products, make-up, even nail polish.  The money I used to pour into Sephora almost all goes here.  I love that they give you generous samples with every purchase.  Like Sephora,  they also feature product reviews.  It's a great natural beauty resource and I really trust the products they sell.  If you are new to the site and brands, I recommend paying the $25 for their sample program.  I believe $25 gets you 9 generously sized samples of products you are interested in.  Its nice not having to worry about going through extensive ingredient lists and knowing you are getting quality non-toxic items.  And what can I say?  I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.

I have a few other products and brands that I will share down the line, but I can't think of a better way to start off my Green Beauty Favorites than with LBF and May Lindstrom (and Spirit Beauty Lounge!).  If there are any products you are loving, I'd love to hear about them!


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