Thursday, June 12, 2014

{Vaction ReCap} A Weekend in MA

Tom and I had a great weekend in MA visiting family.  The occasion was a baby shower for my cousin, Courtney (with twins on the way!!! Supposedly it runs in our family...) and of course to get some quality time with our Godson Z.  Her husband Jason's family runs a food truck that makes THE most delish grilled chicken and french fries and thankfully they catered!  YUM.

The most incredible thing  - besides how gorgeous and glowy my cousin is with twins (! <---can't write twins, w/o an "!" hehe) was seeing how much Zadok has grown up.  He was obviously super adorable when we last saw him, but man, he has evolved into a very loving, happy, energetic little man. I don't think he fussed once the whole time.  Even when he came down with a bug on Sunday (which resulted in an early morning Dr. visit), as soon as he saw us, he was up and trying to show off.  I can you not love that?!

What constantly impresses me with both Courtney and my bestie Karly, is seeing two amazing women transformed by motherhood in the best possible way. And seeing a little man in constant action..well, lets just say that I have a newfound respect for moms that have to keep up with them!

The rest of the weekend was spent drinking Courtney's delish sangria (seriously...think it involved mint, pineapple, rum, mango...) and consuming massive amounts of that New England ice cream (I may or may not have tried to hit up Harroll's for breakfast...).  The whole trip was short but sweet.

Here's a bunch of photos from the weekend.


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