Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Faves #1

Hi there!  Karly kicked off her Friday Five series and I thought it was a grand idea and so decided to do something similar.  Well, kinda. I'm not sure I'll always have five things to share, so gave myself an out by calling it Friday Faves ;)

I had been toying with the idea for a bit, but when I read her post, I realized how much I miss out on the so called "little" things in her life, because normally during our epic catch up calls, we tend to focus on bigger updates.  But, supposedly it's the "little things" that really make up life, right?

So without further ado - My first Friday Fav

Air BnB (<--Referral link that gives you a $25 credit and eventually gives me the same. Do it.). I'm obsessed.  Tom and I thought going to Italy was going to be sooooo expensive and put it off for years.  Don't get me wrong, it's not cheap, but Air BnB  made it so much more affordable.  Most of the nicer hotels were closer to 400 euros/night which is insane. And that's w/o taxes and fees. We were able to find adorable places in Florence and Rome that were about $150/night inclusive of everything which are as nice if not nicer than any of the fancy hotels.  I love the app which allows you store all of your faves and stay organized  Word to the wise: act fast, because the popular places go fast (learned that the hard way).  The best thing is that there are all different price points for every type of budget. We were more conservative so we could use our funds for other things.

  • Our Tom Bihn Aeronaut Bags!  This might sound crazy, but despite wanting to look amazing while gallivanting through Italy (and daydreaming about all the adorable outfits I would wear), I realized that having huge rolling suitcases would be a pain in the a$$ for us both.  Especially because our hotel in Positano requires a pretty steep walk DOWN in order to get there.  If we were staying in one location the whole time, it would be no big deal, but we are moving every couple of days or so.  Enter these bags!   They can be worn as backpacks, used as a duffle and have these great packing cubes to keep you organized (and hopefully allow you to pack as much as possible).  They are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty which gives a nice piece of mind. The price is kinda steep, but it seems worth it (they are incredibly well made and well planned out).   Plus, I've heard too many horror stories of people getting to Europe and finding out that the plane lost their luggage...eeek.  

Tom has the steel and I got the Purplish one (with a fun wasabi lining)...which I'm on the fence about. Thoughts (Karly, I know you'll tell me whats what!)?  I would have preferred an olive but it wasn't available.  The red was too bright...this seems kinda neutral but part of me is thinking I should have gotten the steel or black.  I have 60 days to decide so would love your opinion!  We also plan to pack as if we were heading to Italy sometime soon to see if these babies can really hold what we need.  I'll report back!  

  • This Romper (no link because it's sold out everywhere).  I've been wearing it a ton so expect to see it for almost every trip this year ;)  What is it about rompers?   The look of a dress, but the practicality of shorts.  win/win (well, except when you have to pee).

  • Golf.  Surprisingly, I've really gotten into it this past year or so and can't wait to get out there again (hopefully during our one weekend home this month!).  I love it, because even with my health issues sometimes getting in the way of sports and working out ( which is beyond frustrating), this should be something I can do until I die.  Hopefully by then, I'll have some talent...
You're welcome for the cheesetastic photo. How many pictures of golf do you think I have lying around?  I was feeling pretty cocky b/c I got a hole-in-one which I've been told will never happen again.

Welp. I made it to 4! Guess I'll have to work on it. Until next time.



  1. Love the Friday Fave Meg, I am so glad you decided to join in the fun!! Hearing about these things is SUCH a good way to keep in touch! I honestly love the bag color you choose though. I took a quick look at the website and that was my fav one too. I am not very partial to black, and having a different color than Tom seems nice (plus, I just like the plum color better than the grey anyway, don't tell Tom, heehee). OH, and I sure hope you are bringing that romper on the trip, because it is adorable!!! Is that a shopbop find?
    Let's hope we can keep this Friday tradition alive, because I am loving it already!!

  2. Aw thanks Karly :) You make me feel better about the purple, ha. I will do my best to keep it up an I look forward to yours! Yep, shopbop - had some credits otherwise it was a bit out of my budget, hehe. I will most certainly bring it to Napa...can't wait!!!