Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Faves #2

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and has a great weekend planned.  This is the only weekend Tom and I are home for the month of June (and actually for most of July) so we are going to rest a bit (although we are sneaking in some golf while we can)....We had a fantastic time last weekend in NC for Becky's wedding which I'll post about soon (still sifting through the 500+ pics so it's in draft mode for a bit).

Now off to the Friday Faves!

  • The Nest Learning Thermostat 2nd Generation (<--affiliate link...I hate it when people just sneak them in there w/o mentioning it).  I have been wanting this for a while, and finally jumped on it when I discovered that my power company was handing out generous rebates for using them.   Between 15% off at Amazon, a gift card, and the rebate, we may have EARNED $10.  For anyone not familiar, this is a called a "learning thermostat", b/c it's able to sense when people are home and automatically adjust the temps the more you use it.   It has only been a couple of weeks, but already it has learned that we like to drop the temps around 9:45 when we go to bed and that it should heat up a bit when Tom gets up.  You simply tell it how cold or hot you are willing to let your home become and it automatically adjusts it even when you are away.  The apps are fun to use (you can check in on your home while away and make adjustments from there). Plus, its really sleek and pretty as it was designed by a former Apple worker who was responsible for designing the ipod.    It was incredibly easy to set up - I installed it myself in about 30 minutes or so -  and we have been loving controlling it from our iPhones.  It's too soon to tell if it will save us $, but supposedly it helps on that front as well.  I will try to remember to post an update.

  • iCloud Photo Stream.  Tom noticed we had this when we upgraded our iPhones a while back and since then we have been using it a ton. It used to be, if you took a picture, you'd either have to share to social media for everyone to grab or even email the pics or text it to each other.   With this, someone simply starts a shared album, and everyone can participate in uploading pics from the event or trip so they are available to all and in one handy place.   We did this in NC last weekend and ended up with around 500 photos.  I'm hoping we will do something similar in Napa...
  • Ilia Lipgloss in Butterfly & I.  I love Ilia lip products already  (like their  lipstick, lip conditioner &  lipstick crayons, because they are nontoxic and have pretty awesome pigment (although nothing really compare to NARS which I still use from time to time).  I was looking for something light, natural and pretty to replace an old Chanel gloss and this has been awesome.  It doesn't last quite as long but it does leave behind a pretty stain.  Try it if you are looking for a healthier alternative to lipgloss that actually works . I don't believe this picture shows its actual color - its definitely a pinky peach whereas this picture makes it look a bit brown.   Its maybe a shade brighter than your natural lip color.
Ilia Beauty Lip Gloss  | Spirit Beauty Lounge
  • Integrative Therapeutics Para-Gard (<--another link) has been a life-saver with all the travel we are doing. It was given to me by my doctor to deal with all my random tummy woes and I can absolutely say it makes a difference in a fairly short period of time.   Tom is now a big fan and says after taking it for 1-2 days he is himself again.  Its great for those times you eat something and then your stomach is  I think we've all been there.  Or during travel to keep you on track when you might be eating foods that aren't typical for your diet.  It contains a bunch of botanical extracts to help fight intestinal bugs and works especially great when combined with your pro-biotics.  Or hey, just get some fro-yo to wash it down ;)   I recommend starting with a smaller bottle to make sure you like it and wouldn't take it every day because its spendy. It's wonderful in a clutch though.  I've heard this can help pet tummy troubles as well (ask the vet about that one of course).

    • Lululemon's golf clothes.  Who knew?   Cute golf clothes for the ladies are really hard to find.  Most look like they were designed for super cute/rich old ladies.  But Lulu has certain styles that are listed for Tennis and Golf which I never knew about.  I picked up one of the polos on sale and may even snag a skort.   Apparently the skirts made for the "tall" women are being grabbed by girls my height (average) because they are more appropriate on the golf course .   The one gripe is that these clothes aren't easy to find on the site. I kinda just stumbled upon it.  If you search for golf it will take you to a bunch of men's shorts. One of the dresses would be super cute down the line...I mean, how adorable are these girls?   
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    Thats all folks!


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    1. That Nest thermostat looks so neat, and I am constantly adjusting the heat, and then forgetting to set it back up before I head up to bed, so sleepily walking back down the stairs, and so on... You will have to fill me in on how it is working, cause in the future when we are no longer renters, I think that will be on the list of things to get.

      Oh, and that Para-gard reminded me that I have to warn you I have some questions coming your way while we are in Napa about all the darn supplements I am on. I am not sure if I am on way too many, or am still missing the key ingredient that will make me feel better so I want to see what kinds you ended up taking that got you on the road to recovery. I know we have different issues, but since some of the gut stuff is so similar, I thought it might help me to compare notes. Which we can do in two days, when we will be seeing each other in person, yay!!!!